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Guidelines on Learning Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

To many Non-Chinese Speaking students, learning Chinese can be quite challenging. It may require extra amount of determination, patience and specific techniques in order to master the language.


Below are some recommendations that we hope parents could accommodate to facilitate your child's learning process.       


1. Build a habit of learning Chinese by reserving 45 minutes of Chinese learning time after school. The means of learning could take various forms.


2. Read and use more Chinese with your child in daily life, such as watching Chinese cartoons or movies, learning about the Chinese names of the various facilities and signage near your home and reading Chinese recipes.


3. Actively take part in the after-school Chinese learning programme and reading programme organized by the school.


4. Make good use of various media to gain exposure to Chinese, such as listening to Chinese radio channels, listening to Chinese songs, watch the educational TV programmes produced by the Education Bureau, browsing Chinese websites or learning online.


5.  Make time to read Chinese story books and listen to Chinese nursery songs with your child every day.


6. If space allows, try to set up a reading corner for storing Chinese books to create a Chinese learning ambience at home.


7. Review the Chinese knowledge learned at school every day after school and prepare for the next Chinese lesson before class.


8.Login to your RainbowOne personal account to conduct pre and post class previews.

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