School Information

School Mission

The school aims to exploit and develop student's individual potentials, by helping them to cultivate effective self-study behaviour; in the spirit of perseverance, agility, benevolence and integrity; for the benefit of future generations.The school badge consists of the illustrations of a camel and a seagull, with the former symbolizing perseverance, patience, courage and advancement with time; and the latter symbolizing freedom, agility, vision and free development. 

School Management

Our school is managed by the Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School management committee. Our daily teaching practices and school affairs are reported to the school supervisor by the principal. School groups are organized in the following structure: There are seven administrative groups within our school led by an administrative master / mistress head; eleven specialized committee groups managed by leaders; ten subject panels headed by panel chairs. Additionally, there are  APSMs to assist in administrative duties. 

               Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School

                    Incorporated Management Committee (IMC)

                Name of Manager and Category of Manager


Name of Manager

       Category of Manager

Mr Ng Sze Fuk

Sponsoring Body Manager (Supervisor)

Mr Li Fuk Hong

Sponsoring Body Manager

Mr Lam Choi

Sponsoring Body Manager

Mr Lee Tin Hei

Sponsoring Body Manager

Mr Lau Wai Kuen Kenneth

Sponsoring Body Manager

Mr Li Chi Chung Danny

Sponsoring Body Manager

Ms Man Lai Ting

Independent Manager

Mr Ng Chor Keung

Principal (Ex-officio Manager)

Mr.Yau King Hon,Absalom

Parent Manager

Ms Lam Hung Hing

Alternate Parent Manager

Ms Lui Na Chun

Teacher Manager

Ms Mak Fung Wa

Alternate Teacher Manager

Address: Sai Kung Wai Man Road No. 18
Tel: 2791 6681
Fax: 2791 7656