School History

Founded in 1995, Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School is committed in providing mass education in the spirit of helping young students explore and develop their potentials. The school motto stresses the values of perseverance, agility, benevolence and integrity. The school badge consists of the illustrations of a camel and a seagull, with the former symbolizing perseverance, patience, courage and advancement with time; and the latter symbolizing freedom, agility, vision and free development. The school was established by amalgamating five local village schools, including Man Yi Public School, Yuk Yin School, Sai Kung Fish Marketing Organization Primary School, Sai Kung Public School and Sun Luen School.

Below is an introduction of the five abovementioned schools:

Man Yi Public School

Man Yi Public School was founded in Sai Kung Lan Nai Wan Tsuen in 1963. Due to the construction of High Island Reservoir, the school was moved to Sai Kung Town in 1973. The school was conveniently located in the town center with extensive planting of tress, creating a tranquil environment within the bustling city.

Yuk Yin School

Formerly known as Yuk Yin Study Hall, Yuk Yin School was established in 1928 in Sha Kok Mei Tsuen by local villagers and overseas Chinese. In 1966, the school was granted a new piece of land by the Education Department and District Office for building a new campus. Located next to the public playground, the school provides a serene environment with greeneries and birds.

Sai Kung Fish Marketing Organization Primary School

Sai Kung Fish Marketing Organization Primary School, a school under the administration of the Fish Marketing Organization, was located in Tui Min Hoi Chuen. The school was founded in 1961 and formerly known as the Sai Kung Fishermen’s Children’s School. The school admitted only children of fishermen until the launch of the compulsory education policy by the Hong Kong government in 1979. Since then the school was also open for children from land and was later renamed as Sai Kung Fish Marketing Organization Primary School. Located at mid-hill area, the school had a view of the sea and was peacefully surrounded by green trees and birds.

Sai Kung Public School

Sai Kung Public School was established in 1946. In April of the same year, the school was approved to become a subsidized school by the Hong Kong government. In 1950, a new campus was built with the initiatives of local enthusiasts and the school was later settled into the new campus in 1951. As time passed, the school was closed in September 1995.

Sun Luen School

Sun Luen School was located in Pak Kong O Po Lo Che Tseun. The school was founded in 1961 by local villagers. The school was next to a big road and near the residential area and Po Lo Che Kindergarten, which served as a good place for education for children of the village.

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